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We have compiled some useful introductory information for patients. Brief, easy-to-read summary articles to help you develop a better understanding of ENT i.e. Ear, Nose, Throat conditions and infections.

ENT Specialists also treat patients for Sinus pain, Sinus infections, as well as pain / symptoms / issues related to your Thyroid, Larynx, Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract, and Lungs.

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Ear Nose Throat & Respiratory system
ENT Nose, Sinuses, Nasal Cavities

Next Steps – Make an Appointment for Medical / Surgical Treatment

Dr. Anupam Biswas ENT Surgeon / ENT Specialist

Please feel free to make an appointment with Dr. Anupam Biswas to discuss any specific issues / conditions / symptoms you are experiencing or concerned about. To make an appointment, call (91) 98301 73187.

As age-old wisdom suggests ( “a stitch in time…”), it is best for your health and wellbeing that you take quick action to get an accurate diagnosis. You can then get started promptly with the appropriate treatment regimen that Dr. Biswas recommends for your specific situation — prescribed medicines / antibiotics, pain and symptom management therapies, and in some cases, surgical procedures / operations.

Dr. Anupam Biswas is a highly skilled, experienced and respected ENT Specialist / Surgeon who has been serving patients, both local and visiting NRIs from abroad – with competence, caring and integrity for 20+ years.


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